IT Experts Providing Technical Solutions For Your Business or Residence

As a Veteran owned and operated business, SBNC has been serving communities in the Maryland, D.C., and Virginia areas since 2000. Our combined experience spans more than 20 years of providing technical solutions to a wide array of customers. SBNC started with installing PCs and connecting systems together for networking and Internet access for residential customers and quickly expanded to small businesses. Over the years we have implemented turn-key solutions to include on premise wiring of the network and phone systems to ordering and installing servers, PCs, printers, scanners, routers, and firewalls. Our experience also includes the installation and configuration of all the systems, user accounts (Active Directory or local accounts), configuration of network shares and permissions, workstation installation and configuration (installing applications like Office, Adobe, and specific line-of-business applications). The bottom line is we get your systems and network up and running optimally.

As technology matures new opportunities emerge. We have embraced newer technologies as appropriate for our customers by implementing cloud based solutions for backup and recovery of data, hosting email, and servers. We continue to evaluate the market and only recommend modifications to existing designs if there is an opportunity to save the customer money, time, or increase effectiveness and/or efficiencies within their business processes. Our philosophy has always been to provide appropriate technical solutions so YOU can concentrate on what you do best, and not worry about your systems or network.